An Etui Sewing Box, what's that?

Wednesday, 29 July 2015  |  Carrie

Etui Boxes

It happens to us all, you’re just on your way out and your short on time and you notice a button missing or the hem of your dress seems to come undone and hang down as your rushing to work. You need a button or a needle and thread but can’t remember where you put them or didn’t actually get around to buying them in the first place!

You promise yourself you’ll put together an emergency sewing kit and keep it in a safe place, so you’re prepared should the same thing happen again, but you’re busy and rushed off your feet with a million important things going through your head and you don’t remember. Sound familiar? Wouldn’t it be handy to have a complete emergency sewing kit in one place, easy to get too and with the bonus of looking good too? That’s what we thought so we’ve done it for you, created an essential sewing kit, fantastic for those emergency repairs, and even better, we’ve put it all in a pretty little box, so it looks good too!


So, why’s it called an Etui Box? An Etui is an ornamental case and is from the French word meaning keeper or holder.

Our Etui Boxes measure approx. 10cm x 9.5cm x 9.5cm, so they take up very little space and they’re pretty, in fact you wouldn’t know from the outside that they contain a complete emergency sewing kit, yes everything; scissors, thread, buttons, press studs, a tape measure, needles, pins, a stitch ripper, a needle threader and safety pins, all neatly stored, just lift the lid and this clever little box, also known as an Exploding Box opens out like a flower, to reveal it’s treasures.   

I’ve been making these Etui Boxes for a little while now and they are as popular as ever. They’re all handmade here in the UK and I only make a limited number in each fabric, often only one or two. I’m also happy to make a totally unique one to order in a fabric of your choice. Our Etui Boxes make fantastic gifts and are perfect to have at home, in the office or whilst travelling.

You can order your own Etui Box here - Etui Sewing Boxes