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Wednesday, 29 July 2015  |  Carrie
An Etui Sewing Box, what's that?

It happens to us all, youíre just on your way out and your short on time and you notice a button missing or the hem of your dress seems to come undone and hang down as your rushing to work. You need a button or a needle and thread but canít remember where you put them or didnít actually get around to buying them in the first place!

You promise yourself youíll put together an emergency sewing kit and keep it in a safe place, so youíre prepared should the same thing happen again, but youíre busy and rushed off your feet with a million important things going through your head and you donít remember. Sound familiar? Wouldnít it be handy to have a complete emergency sewing kit in one place, easy to get too and with the bonus of looking good too? Thatís what we thought so weíve done it for you, created an essential sewing kit, fantastic for those emergency repairs, and even better, weíve put it all in a pretty little box, so it looks good too!

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