Cushtie & Softeeze Microbead Cushions

Microbead Cushions & Pillows

Microbead Cushions & Pillows are incredibly comfortable & versatile. You will find we stock a large range including Microbead Cushions from Cushtie & Softeeze.  We're pretty sure that we stock the Biggest Microbead Cushion Range Online. From the comfiest Travel Pillows & the most supportive Neck Pillows, to Fun & Crazy Animal Designs & Travel Neck Pillows for Kids & of course the Original/Tube Cushions. Microbead Cushions are the squishiest, smooshiest cushions you'll ever find. Great stress relievers, very supportive & great for easing those aches & pains. Once you've had a Microbead Cushion, you'll never want to be without one!